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I am a full time ad-man but as photography is one of my biggest passions, I try to spend every spare minute behind my camera. The passion started with animal photography but soon enough I discovered the fun of portrait/model shoots, which take 90% of my shooting time at the moment. I have my own small studio but most of the time I prefer to hit the streets and discover the variety of Antwerp’s ‘sweet spots’ that give the pictures a unique feeling and style.

As photography is a passion and not a profession, I do most of the model shoots for free and try to get help from hairdressers/stylists who also see these shoots as a hobby and therefore do not expect to get paid.

This website needs to be as simple as possible for me! The visitor has to see a chronological overview of my shoots with for each set a cover picture that describes the set without words. Whenever you visit the site again you will automatically see which new sets have been added. Browsing the categories will come in handy after a while as the number of sets keeps growing every month. Please feel free to contact me on facebook with requests, questions or suggestions.

(first picture ©Niko Caignie)
(other pictures ©Julie Donckers)

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